Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cote D'ivoire: AU Chairman Encourages Reconciliation in Ivory Coast and Pledges His Support

SOURCE Republic of Equatorial Guinea

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and Chairman of the African Union (AU), pledged his full support to Cote d'Ivoire President Allasande Ouattara "in the task of political reunification, moral reconciliation, and the reconstruction of the country."

In a letter of congratulations to the Ivoirian president, Mr. Nguema offered his "encouragement and solidarity for the difficult task with which the people have entrusted you." He said the recent elections in Ivory Coast gave Mr. Ouattara "the majority required to lead" his nation. He praised Mr. Ouatara's political skill and noted that Mr. Ouattara had the support of all the political forces that came together to confront serous challenges and achieve the objectives of peace, stability, and reconciliation.

In keeping with his consistent calls for peaceful resolution of African problems, Mr. Nguema said, "As President of all Ivoirians, in these moments your magnanimity must overcome vindictive activities and useless settling of accounts that keep hatred and discord alive forever among brothers, to give way to the forgiveness and reconciliation of all."

As rotating chairman of the AU, Mr. Nguema has consistently cited the need for Africans to take the lead in resolving African problems and stressed the importance of direct dialogue and reconciliation among competing political groups.

Read the full text of President Nguema's letter to President Ouattara here.