Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Iran: Iran warns "certain regional states" to avoid military intervention in regional revolutions

Tehran, March 15, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani warned here Tuesday some certain regional states to avoid military intervention in the regional revolutions.

Addressing the Majlis open session, Larijani said if the regional countries dispatch military forces to Bahrain, it will show their support for that country's leader, and this meddling will be 'costly.'

By the recent visit of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates to Bahrain and the European multi-standard stands on the issue, the world nations could touch the reality of the US and the West, Larijani noted.

The United States is now anxious about the revolutions happening massively in the Middles East region, said the Majlis speaker.

Larijani further said the military aggression against the Bahraini people directed just after Gate's travel to Bahrain.

He went on to say '… now the regional states are entitled to voice the US responsibility for any aggression and massacre.'

The United States is so nervous about the developments in Bahrain because of its huge naval base settled in that country, Larijani said.

He then criticized the West for its silence on the Libyan dictator's measures to kill the civilians in that country.

The Majlis speaker called the US and the West strategies on this issue as 'ambitious.'