Thursday, March 31, 2011

Iran: Iran refutes espionage charges in Kuwait, accuses Kuwaiti officials of other agendas

Tehran, March 31, IRNA – An informed source at Iran's Foreign Ministry on Thursday strongly denied baseless allegations on identification of Iranian espionage network in Kuwait.

These allegations have been levelled by a Kuwaiti judiciary official, which is totally unfounded, said the source.

According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the source said the Islamic Republic of Iran or the members of its embassy have no connection with such affairs and Kuwaiti judiciary system's levelling such 'unfounded and baseless' charges against the country is considered as an' irresponsible move'.

The 'baseless' allegation was raised for the first time last year and the Iranian foreign ministry made a strong worded protest to such an allegation in due time as the Kuwaiti officials denied Iran's involvement in such affairs, said the source.

Reposing such allegation after a passage of one year is questionable which indicates that some are now pursuing specific goals, said the source.