Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Egypt: Mubarak Supporter Ahmed Ezz - A Letter to the Egyptian People

SOURCE Mr Ahmed Ezz's Press Office

As a citizen of the proud nation of Egypt, it has always been my utmost goal to serve the people of this country. Every day I spent as a Member of Parliament, my central aim was to build a more vibrant and ambitious Egypt where anyone has the opportunity to succeed. Improving and developing Egypt and its people has always been the core motivation of my political career.

I would like to thank my constituents for the numerous messages of support that I have received from them in recent weeks. They, perhaps more than anyone, are aware of my commitment to furthering the interests of the Egyptian people, and to providing them with access to education, healthcare and training that might otherwise have not been available to them. My dedication to this stems from my belief that, given the tools, every individual has the potential to succeed through determination and hard work.

This firm belief is based on my own experience. Since its founding, ezzsteel has been built fairly and honourably through the hard work and dedication of its employees. It has grown to be a flagship for Egypt internationally, and a testament to what can be achieved by people striving for excellence. The allegations made against me are completely without foundation and are detrimental to my reputation and that of my family. The baseless criticisms directed at the company are a disservice to the workers and employees who are the backbone of its success.

I strongly urge both the people and the media not to assume guilt based on rumours and perceptions. I refute all of the allegations brought against me and I know that a fair and proper legal process would prove my innocence. In this unprecedented time for the country, it is important to remember what our youth are calling for: freedom, fairness and democracy. My hope is that this commitment to a bright future for Egypt is not undermined at its first hurdle through a desire to find scapegoats. I truly hope I can at least depend on a full representation of the facts, due legal process and a fair trial.

I also hope and pray for peace in Egypt and the Middle East.

Mr. Ahmed Ezz

Chairman, ezzsteel