Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iran: Ahmadinejad urges regional leaders to hear voices of their nations

And the winner of the Nobel Prize for hypocrisy goes to...

Tehran, Feb 23, IRNA
– President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday urged certain leaders of regional countries to hear the voices of their nations.

Making the remarks while talking to reporters at the end of the cabinet’s today session, he referred to freedom, playing a role in national sovereignty, having a share in decision-making processes and respecting their dignity as the basic rights of world nations.

He further urged those leaders of regional countries who respond to the demands of their nations and their revolutionary uprisings with hot bullets to join their peoples’ movements instead of creating blood baths.

He strongly recommended such leaders to let their peoples express their opinions and then follow their notions.

The President said it was a wonder that how the ruler of a country could kill his own people using guns and tanks and even stress that he would kill anybody who utters a word against him.

Stressing that the whole world is bewildered by the behavior of the Libyan government, he said all governments should comply with the demands of their nations otherwise they are doomed to meet an identical destiny.

President Ahmadinejad further commented on the unveiling of two national supercomputers as well as an intelligent hydrogen-electric car today and said Iranian experts along with the cabinet members were ceaselessly engaged in constructing the country.

He unveiled two national supercomputers thus making Iran one of the world’s owners of the best supercomputers.