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Corruption: The FBI files on Theodore "Ted" Stevens, target of public corruption investigation

Source: FBI

Theodore "Ted" Stevens died in a plane crash on August 9, 2010 at the age of 86. Stevens served as a U.S. senator from Alaska from December 24, 1968 until January 3, 2009. Stevens had been the target of an FBI public corruption investigation.

This release contains approximately 3,600 pages of responsive material; the majority of it—approximately 2,700 pages—consists of public source material from the media file associated with the pending "POLAR PEN" public corruption investigation of the FBI Anchorage Field Office.

The remainder of the release consists of 11 main files from the Anchorage and Washington Field Offices and from FBI Headquarters. The files include material on extortion threats to the senator, press reports and newspaper articles about public corruption, and correspondence between Stevens and the FBI.


This file is a compilation of press reports and newspaper articles regarding public corruption in Alaska.

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Stevens Main Files

This document combines a number of small investigative files. The individual files include:


This file involves an investigation into threatening letters received by several congressmen, including Senator Stevens, in 1985. It was determined that the letters were similar in nature, and the investigations were combined.


This file concerns an investigation into threatening letters sent to Senator Stevens' office in Washington, D.C. in 1982.


This file involves an investigation of a threatening letter mailed to Senator Stevens in 1986.


This file concerns a 1985 investigation of a threatening letter sent to Senators Stevens.


This file records correspondence between Senator Stevens and FBI officials, including Bureau Directors and special agents in charge of the Anchorage Field Office.


This file involves a threatening voice mail message left for Senator Stevens at his congressional office in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1986.


This file is the Anchorage version of 9-HQ-68722, which centered on a 1985 investigation of threatening letters sent to congressmen.


This file concerns an investigation of a threatening voice mail left at Senator Stevens' office in 1987.


This file is the Headquarters copy of Anchorage file 89A-AN-83, concerning a threatening voice mail.


This file records correspondence between Senator Stevens and FBI officials from 1969 to 1989. It includes requests for information, constituent responses, and invitations to different events.


This file involves an investigation into a threatening e-mail received by Senator Stevens' office in 1998.

Stevens Reference Files

This document contains references to Senator Stevens derived from nearly 100 FBI files. In most of these references, there is only a slight mention to Senator Stevens. This file includes:

  • Complaints received by the FBI Anchorage Field Office alleging instances of Stevens being involved in corruption or other illegal activities;
  • Interviews of citizens who mention they voted for or supported Stevens and others who contributed to his campaigns;
  • Mentions of Stevens' relationship with business leaders in the Alaska area and discussions of him using certain businesses or accepting free services;
  • Letters back and forth between Stevens and FBI Directors and other executives, the U.S. attorney general, and the Anchorage special agents in charge discussing legislation, constituent concerns, crime reporting, and news articles of interest;
  • Letters of complaint from the public and political organizations regarding alleged corruption, which tie in other Alaskan political figures;
  • References from the 1950s when Stevens was the U.S. Attorney (involving his appointment to the position and participation in U.S. Attorney conferences); and
  • Correspondence between Hoover and other FBI executives regarding Stevens' relationship with the FBI and the Anchorage Field Office as a U.S. Attorney.