Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wikileaks and Judge Julia

I don't really want to get into the fine details surrounding the over-hyped WikiLeaks Who-Said-What-About-Who Gossip Zine, (could it be the old media and Establishment is hyping the story due to their fear of the new media and a new breed of "information warriors"?) but I do object when Australian politicians appear to play judge and jury.

I like Julia Gillard, she is a good politician and sharper than many believe. However, that doesn't mean I agree with everything she says or does. In fact, like John Howard and Kevin Rudd before her, (both of whom I also liked) Gillard can act in a manner that in my opinion is detrimental to the good of the country she serves and leads. In other words - she can get right up my nose!

Today Ms. Gillard said the leaking of classified documents via the WikiLeaks website is "illegal".

Sorry Julia, but isn't that for the legal system to decide and not the political system? Or do we no longer have a system where the justice system is independent of the government?

Granted, you were expressing your opinion, but a Prime Minister making such a specific statement about an issue that is reportedly being investigated by Australian Federal Police, is quite different to an analyst or journalist venturing an opinion or "expert commentary."

Ms. Gillard, you are an excellent speaker, (I have fond memories of you wiping the floor with Malcolm Turnbull many years ago) and you could have stated your point of view without making what could be seen as potentially prejudicial statements.

The legal system in this country must be seen to be operating without interference or pressure from the government. Theoretically, you have put the Australian Federal Police, in a position where their impartiality may now be called into question.

Wikileaks is a sensitive issue and if an investigation is warranted, it should be conducted without any perceived government or political interference.

By all means speak your mind about "disclosures" even if such disclosures state what we already know; but leave passing judgment on the legality of Wikileak's actions to the appropriate legal institutions.

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