Thursday, December 09, 2010

As Gillards falters, Rudd comes to the rescue

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, a position she obtained not once but twice by stealth and betrayal, seems uncertain how to deal with the WikiLeaks/Julian Assange issue.

Her initial statement describing WikiLeaks as "illegal" was not only amateurish, but prejudicial to Assange receiving - and appearing to receive - the same justice and fair hearing that should be available to all - without actual or perceived government interference.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd however, has stepped into the breach and handled the situation with fairness and diplomatic skill - while at the same time rightly laying the blame on the U.S. The difference between Gillard and Rudd, demonstrates the difference between a factional figurehead and a seasoned politician.

Gillard has often referred to the fact that diplomacy and foreign policy are not her areas of interest - something that is clearly and embarrassingly evident. In fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult to work out just what her area of expertise really is.

Ms. Gillard likes to refer to her interest in education, but considering the "National Curriculum" and "My School" debacles, she may be wise to rethink that entry on her rapidly diminishing CV.

When Australia looks for leadership on international and diplomatic affairs, we increasingly look towards Kevin Rudd, who seems to have been elevated to the rank of elder statesman - Australia's less sordid version of the U.S. Democrat's Bill Clinton.

Julia, if foreign affairs is not your thing, then leave it to the man who has the experience, has the skill - and has your knife in his back.

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