Thursday, October 07, 2010

Puerto Rico: 'We are going to continue working with Federal authorities to clean house...and no one is above the law'

Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno today pledged continued coordination with Attorney General Eric Holder and federal authorities working to eradicate corruption in Puerto Rico, praising today's major operation in which 130 arrests were made for drug and arms trafficking violations on the island.

"We are going to continue working with federal authorities to clean house," Governor Fortuno said. "This action strengthens the security of our people, because we are removing the rotten apples who, instead of protecting our people, are involved in criminal activity. Individuals involved in these kinds of activities aren't police officers, they're criminals who have infiltrated the police."

The Governor underscored the investigation that led to today's FBI operation began under the leadership of current Puerto Rico Police Superintendent, Jose Figueroa-Sancha , while he served as second in command of the FBI's San Juan Office. Fortuno also praised the undercover Puerto Rico Police agents who took part in the investigation. "They are the true heroes in the Puerto Rico Police Department," the Governor said.

"Our policy is one of zero tolerance, and anyone who commits a crime – no matter who they are – will be investigated, processed and brought to justice," Fortuno said. "No one is above the law."

As a result of the operation, 130 of 133 arrest warrants were executed today against 61 Puerto Rico Police officers, 16 municipal police officers, 12 corrections officials and 3 members of the Puerto Rico State National Guard, along with 41 other individuals.

Since the outset of the Fortuno administration, there has been close collaboration in the fight against crime by Puerto Rico and federal law enforcement leaders. As part of the administration's ongoing commitment to strengthening the institutional integrity and performance of the Puerto Rico Police Department, the Governor said Police Superintendent Jose Figueroa-Sancha is scheduled to meet tomorrow with top officials of the New York Police Department, and the Governor will participate Friday in a meeting with New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. The meetings will take place within the context of the expanded training and collaborative partnership between the PRPD and the NYPD, announced by Governor Fortuno this past July.

SOURCE Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico