Friday, September 24, 2010

Mr. Obama, you have insulted those who have fallen in America's wars

Mr. Obama, you burst upon the world stage amidst a fanfare of change, promise and - hope. Many, including myself, saw you as the new Kennedy - a man who would shake an established world order from the darkness of deception, cronyism and corruption. We liked what we saw and what we heard.

But as we watched, and as we listened, we began to realize that the songs you sing are no different to those sung by those who went before you, leaving their blood stained footprints in the sands of history.

The Emperor had changed his cloak, but it became clear it is woven from the same wool.

I am proud to be an Australian, a country that prides itself on "standing by its mates". Once a friend, always a friend - through thick and thin. During the sixties and early seventies, our young men fought with you and died with you in the green hell jungles of Vietnam. Who else stood by the US in a war that divided two great nations?

Then came Afghanistan and Iraq. More Australians fighting and dying in America's wars. We have stood firm in our commitment to America's cause, while others did not - and who can blame them?

Three times you have announced trips to Australia, three times you have "postponed". The closest you intend getting to Australia, is Indonesia, where I am sure you will feel at home - even though their commitment to fighting the good fight against terrorism, is not as strong as ours, nor signed with the blood of their young men and women.

You have snubbed a good friend and ally, though I realize that loyalty is no longer considered a virtue. I must also admit, the celebrities we have an offer here, are not as glamorous as those you have become accustomed to mixing with since taking Office with a rather misleading sales pitch that turned out to be nothing more than a package of shoddy goods.

A snub is one thing - an insult is quite another. Especially when you insult the dead, the wounded, and those who will forever wake at night in a cold sweat reliving the nightmare of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.

For that is what you have done Mr. President. You have insulted those Australians who answered America's call in their time of need.

If you can't manage an official state visit, perhaps you can take one of your many vacations here? Maybe we can entice you with one our previous tourism promotions.

Mr. Obama....

"Where the bloody hell are you?"

Wherever you may be - be safe
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