Thursday, September 30, 2010

Iran: President’s Media Affairs Advisor - Iran would resort to entire means to bring Bush and Blair to courts of justice for war crimes

Tehran, Sept 30, IRNA – President’s Media Affairs Advisor said here Wednesday Iran would resort to entire means to bring former US president Bush and former British PM Blair to courts of justice for committing war crimes.

IRNA Managing Director Ali-Akbar Javanfekr who was speaking with the Iran New Network (INN) 150 minute talk show Wednesday night added, “The main figures in war crimes and massacre of innocent people must be punished so that the others would take good lesson and the rope that touched Saddam’s neck must also be wrapped around the neck of such criminals as George W. Bush and Tony Blair so that all those who are considered potential threats against the wellbeing of the human society would take good lessons.”

Javanfekr said that the wrath of the US officials after hearing President Ahmadinejad’s proposal for establishment of an independent truth finding group to survey the 9/11 events is due to their haughty attitude, adding, “US officials and Obama’s naïve and immature reactions towards Ahmadinejad’s proposal would only add to the ruling class problems in that country, because they have only created more questions in the minds of the US public opinion with their illogical and sensational approach.”

He added, “The public opinion of the American nation is now faced with more questions and the Obama administration cannot respond to the questions that would be posed by the US elites after the end to the resulted hue and cry, nor can they effectively escape the consequences.”

Javanfekr who was among the presidential delegation in New York said, “The hegemony seeking and oppressors’ camp in the world that has erroneously been labels the global community is the standard bearer of the clash of civilizations and by resorting to warmonger and profiteering approaches, threatening, and imposing sanctions, occupying, massacring and insulting the personality of human beings introduced their real nature to the world.”

He added, “They are constantly after creating ambiguities, raising doubts, insinuating, spreading rumors, horrifying, taking aback the others and keeping the others uniformed about the real side of the news.”

Javanfekr referred to the camp of the freedom seekers and the oppressed on the other hand that has such attributes as resistance, perseverance, being oppressed, respect for the human beings, including the outsiders, sympathy for the entire mankind, supporting peace, and love for all.”

He added, “The supporters of this camp are in favor of transparency, truthfulness, eliminating the ambiguities, illumination of the public’s minds, and the free flow of information.”

Javanfekr said, “The hegemony seekers resort to all kinds of weapons of mass destruction, including the atomic bombs, aimed at imposing their will against the others, but the members of the truth camp try to reach their goals relying on their strong logic, negotiations and sound reasoning.”

The INN reporter asked how come the US President Barack Obama has never agreed to interview proposals by Iranian reporters. The IRNA managing director said, “The impotence and weakness of the major western media in interviews with President Ahamdinejad is a blot on their reputation. Likewise, broadcasting a controversial interview between an Iranian reporter and Mr. Obama could be very costly and intolerable for that country, which is why President Obama has always escaped interview proposals by Iranian media, that reveals an undeniable worry felt at the White House.”

Javanfekr referred to a request filed by IRNA for such an interview for instance, arguing, “The request had been filed through the right channels officially, but the US president has so far refrained from accepting it so far.”

The president’s media affairs deputy referring to the very tense security atmosphere of New York, particularly after the 9/11 events, and comparing the US security officials’ conduct in New York with that of the US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, said, “Their security approach reveals their worries and fear lest unexpected events would occur.”

He added, “65 years ago, when New York City was chosen as the site for the UN headquarters freedom and peace of mind abounded there, under whose umbrella the representatives of various countries could easily communicate with one another and to exchange ideas for shared management of the world, but after the occurrence of the September 11th events the work and life atmosphere there has been under the control of tens of thousands of security forces, which make interactions and communications among representative delegations in New York very difficult, as they find themselves besieged by US security forces allover New York all year long.”

Javanfekr referred to the US government’s refraining from issuing visas for some members of the Iranian presidential delegation members and the American hotels’ refraining from booking rooms for the Iranian delegation under the pressure of the international Zionist lobby, adding, “The US government is committed to and responsible for providing the entire required facilities for the effective presence of the various countries’ delegations and directed not to create obstacles in the way of the delegations’ performing of their missions at the UN, which is further proof that the United States is no longer fit for hosting this organ’s headquarters at its soil.”

He said that the behavior of the US security officials at the UN, too, was insulting, arguing, “The require safe atmosphere for the UN is annihilated and the matter is in need of contemplation, since at such an atmosphere reaching wise decision makings for the world with so much injustice is impossible.”

Javanfekr said that the entire questions posed by American reporters could be categorized around he axes of four or five matters, adding, “Repeated questions on special matters such as the human rights, the three arrested US spies in Iran, the lost FBI official in Kish Island, the tangible effect of the economic sanctions and the Iran-US relations.”

He added, “The sanctions imposed unilaterally by some countries were among the repeated questions of the American reporters that always received the precise answers of President Ahamdinejad.”

Criticizing the claims made by some figures inside the country regarding the effectiveness of the imposed sanctions, he emphasized, “These people had better not provide propagation food for the aliens, since everyone knows that the sanctions would by no means affect the will of the Iranian nation the slightest bit.”