Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How we vote

You have to hand it to Australian voters. Former Liberal treasurer Peter Costello, one of the finest political minds in the country, was considered unelectable as a would be leader on the basis that people didn't like his "smirk. Prior to that we had ALP's Paul Keating ousted due to his fondness for Italian suits and antique furniture.

However we did keep re-electing Bob Hawke because he holds the world record for drinking a yard of ale while at Oxford University, described bosses who sacked workers who took "sickies" the day after a soon to be convicted corporate crook won the America's Cup, were "bums" and promised that by 1990, no child would live in poverty. He probably thought Poverty was a rural town that would be demolished by a mining company.

On Saturday, we witnessed a major backlash against Julia Gillard because she got rid of a man most of the country - wanted someone to get rid of. The fact that under the sitting government, Australia was one of the very few countries to escape the Global Financial Crisis, was suffocated by bargain basement journalism convincing their target audience, that issues that had nothing to do with the actual running of the country, (or what few future policies were offered by either side) were of major national importance.

So now the country is stuck with a government that will be at the mercy of four people who have been of no interest to anyone outside their constituencies - and who under different circumstances, would have blissfully remained that way.

As for Asylum Seekers, there are now a lot more since Saturday - seeking an asylum in which to house our politicians and thereby giving the rest of us refuge.

Wherever you may be - be safe

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