Saturday, May 08, 2010

Economy: Economic crisis testing more than ever, solidarity of the EU

FOCUS Information Agency - The current circumstances generated by the economic crisis are testing, more than ever, the solidarity capacity of the European Union member states, Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Friday evening, Xinhua News Agency informed.

"Today, we are facing very difficult moments in the history of more than half a century of the Union, the economic and financial crisis having no precedent in the post-war history. Despite part of its negative potential dissipated, recent events prove that Europe is not at all protected by its effects," said the head of state at the start of the Reception offered on the occasion of the Europe Day at Cotroceni Palace.

Basescu also stated that the Europe Day is an excellent occasion to remind the importance of values and principles laid at the EU basis, their timeliness, especially drawing attention upon solidarity.

According to him, solidarity must be assumed including at the level of the ordinary citizen and of the political class, of the public administration and of the civil society.

"In Romania's case, the state modernization can be completed only with the active contribution of each citizen, from the ordinary citizen to those directly involved into this process," he said, adding that as beneficiaries of the EU integration and of the Community projects, every Romanian must get involved into this process on which success the country's prosperity depends to a great extent.

Romania will continue to build in the next couple of years a sound profile in the European Union, underlined Basescu. In this respect, he pointed out that Romania had a series of initiatives successfully promoted at EU level, such as the European Strategy for the Danube Region and the Black Sea Synergy.

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