Friday, April 02, 2010

Defense: India launches homemade stealth destroyer

FOCUS Information Agency - The Indian Navy launched a new homemade stealth destroyer in Mumbai on Thursday afternoon, Xinhua News Agency informed.

The latest stealth destroyer Chennai was launched at the Mumbai- based Mazagaon Dock Limited in a ceremony present by Defense Minister K Antony and naval Chief of Staff Nimal Verma, reported local media.

The admiral said it was a memorable day for the Navy, while the defense minister stressed India should have more indigenous warships instead of depending on foreign shipyards.

Chennai was built with the stealthy design and technology, such as adopting the smoothed angles, special coating and acoustic- absorbing materials, resulting in reducing the probability of being detected by the hostile radars.

The warship will be propelled by four reversible gas turbines which was made abroad, according to reports.

In the coming months, Chennai will be equipped with the advanced weapons and sensors, including vertically-launched BrahMos cruise missiles against the long-distance ground targets off the shore and a new type of anti-aircraft missile which is being developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization.

Chennai, which was laid down in February 2006, is likely to be inducted by the Navy in 2013.
The warship, the last one of the three Kolkata class missile destroyers, is 163 meters in length, and 17 meters in width with a speed of 30 knots, and a displacement of 6,800 tons.
It could carry two helicopters on board to execute air patrol and strike tasks of the anti-surface and anti-submarine within several hundred kilometers.

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