Friday, April 02, 2010

Cyprus: Joint Statement by Cypriot President Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot Leader Talat

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetris Christofias and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat issued a joint statement following their last meeting on March 30th, 2010, before the April 18th vote for the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community. The leaders have met over 70 times during the last 19 months.

The joint statement which was read by Mr. Alexander Downer, Special Adviser of the U.N. Secretary-General for Cyprus, is the following:

"We have been engaged in a serious effort to find a comprehensive settlement to the Cyprus problem in the shortest possible time. We express our appreciation to the United Nations Secretary General for his mission of Good Offices entrusted to him by the Security Council and for his efforts aimed at finding a mutually agreed solution of the Cyprus problem.

"After many meetings that have taken place to date, and our discussions on all aspects of the Cyprus problem, we are encouraged by the important progress we have made so far on the Chapters of Governance and Power Sharing, EU Matters and the Economy and we are convinced that with perseverance we shall achieve a comprehensive settlement.

"We underscore the fact that negotiations are being conducted under the overriding principle of the "integrated whole approach," which means that "nothing is agreed unless everything is agreed."

"We are convinced that our mutual concern for the common good of the Greek-Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriots and our will for a comprehensive solution will soon lead us to an exhaustive discussion of the remaining aspects of the Cyprus problem and the overcoming of the divergent positions soon, so as to achieve a mutually acceptable solution that will be put to separate simultaneous referenda.

"Whilst the negotiations remain confidential, it is recognized that the leaders may explain to their communities the progress made so far and the differences that still need to be resolved."

The Republic of Cyprus has been divided since 1974, due to the Turkish invasion and on-going military occupation of 36.2% of its territory. A series of resolutions adopted by the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly, reflect the universal condemnation of Turkey's invasion and all subsequent acts of aggression against Cyprus. Turkey has ignored these resolutions and continues to occupy the island. Moreover, Turkey has yet to abide by judgments of the European Court of Human Rights for violating the fundamental rights of the Cypriots such as the right to life, liberty, security and the right to the protection of property and the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment – all of which are enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus

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