Monday, February 22, 2010

Israel: US Jewish group condems BBC over "baseless accusation"

AJC is dismayed that a guest on BBC Radio 4 was allowed to state unchallenged that the Israeli intelligence service Mossad relies on Jews around the world to assist in alleged assassinations.

"This baseless accusation crosses every red line between legitimate public discussion and bigoted fear-mongering," said AJC Executive Director David Harris. "In less than a minute, the BBC has cast a shadow on the lives of Jews worldwide."

The claim by Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon's Spies, came during a segment Wednesday about the assassination of a Hamas terrrorist in Dubai. Thomas, who argued that Mossad was responsible, stated that an "estimated half a million" Jews around the world are on call to assist Mossad in such operations.

"Of course, Mr. Thomas is irresponsible in making such unfounded assertions on a radio program heard around the world," said Harris. "But, even more shocking is BBC, a premier public broadcaster with a far-reaching global network. How can the interviewer allow such aspersions to be cast on a community without the reporter calling the so-called expert to order?"

AJC is urging the BBC to examine this disgraceful transmission, apologize to Jews around the world and remove from its archive the slanderous words.

SOURCE American Jewish Committee

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