Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sri Lanka: No return to revival of terror and separatism

Courtesy : Government Information Department President Mahinda Rajapaksa pointed out that he cannot leave room for the revival of terror and separatism and warned that the return of an era in which the youth took to arms cannot not be permitted.

The President said there was no terrorism or separatism in the country. No one will be permitted to re-introduce terrorism or a fear psychosis period. What the people need today is development required for the next decade and not differences.

The President said all facilities for the children to pursue their studies should be provided. Also the children should be sent to schools to further their studies. Education is vital for the children to compete with their counterparts in the world. The President reiterated that no one can be permitted to destabilize the country or break it into pieces through secret agreements.

The Mahinda Chinthana Extended Version has now been presented. He pledged to implement this vision to the letter after January 27.

The President made these statements while addressing a massive gathering at the Leelaratne Grounds in Kantale.

Further, in his address, he said that the Opposition was engaged in an untiring effort to embarrass the Government through false campaigns. He pledged his dedication to realize all expectations of the civilians through the "Mahinda Chintana - Extended Version".

Referring to false propaganda on lands in the Kantale area, the President emphasized that the programme of granting ownership of every land in the area to the residents, will be speeded up. Several key supporters of the UNP including a former Parliamentarian H.K.D.S. Leelaratne expressed their support to the President.

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