Monday, January 25, 2010

Human Rights: Dept of Justice puts three high-value sets of data online

U.S. Dept of Justice - As part of the Obama Administration's Open Government Initiative, and in compliance with the Open Government Directive issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli today announced the online publication of three high-value sets of data not previously made available by the Department of Justice. The new data sets include statistics on crime victimizations, information about compensation for radiation victims, and final reports from federal bankruptcy trustees.

This information is being posted on the department's Web site and is also available on A number of other department components are in the process of identifying and publishing newly available data in machine-readable format, the department said.

The department is releasing information not previously available online to increase accountability and responsiveness; improve public knowledge of the department's operations; create economic opportunity; and respond to need and demand as identified through public consultation.

"We are committed to achieving the President's goal of making this the most transparent Administration in history," Perrelli said. "The information we are making available today represents another step in our ongoing commitment toward becoming a more open and accessible Justice Department to the public, the media, academia and others interested in what we do every day."

The three data sets posted today are:

Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization
The Civil Division's Radiation Exposure Compensation Program
The U.S. Trustee Program

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