Monday, January 11, 2010

Grab those knockers!

Be content with what you have. That's what a lot of people say - especially those who write books with numbers in the title. You know the sort of thing, "Ten Proven Steps to Inner Happiness" or "How I Found Contentment With Five Easy To Follow Rules". For some reason the covers of such books all seem to have been designed by the same person, large letters, garish colors and a guru looking as though they are auditioning for a toothpaste ad. One thing about gurus - no matter what their field of guruishness embraces, they all have nice teeth.

Of course those most likely to find contentment and inner-happiness from "how to" books, are the authors themselves, their significant others and their bank managers.

Now it is all very well saying, "Be content with what you have" but if everyone followed that philosophy, bugger all would ever be achieved. If Edison and others of a similar mind had been content with candles we may never have had electric lighting. Of course If the powers that be had been content with "proper" light bulbs we wouldn't have to put up with eco-friendly bulbs that don't give enough light and look like some sort of exhibit from a medical school.

Being content with what you have sounds all very fine coming from the mouths of coffee shop philosophers, but is it actually beneficial? Sure, one can be content with virtually nothing but following such a philosophy pretty much slams the door on the opportunity to experience and enjoy other things, another lifestyle. It can hamper personal development and on a wider scale, commercial and intellectual development.

I could exist just as I am and be content, but I would be isolated from additional joys, pleasures and experiences that lie behind the Green Doors of life.

Personally I think the knack is to walk right up to those Green Doors, knock as hard as you can without giving yourself a heart-attack, but keep in mind not every knock will be answered. If you are left standing on the doorstep like a Jehovah's Witness with BO, don't get in a tizz about it. Shrug your shoulders, smile and say to yourself, 'I tried." When you are ready, move on to the next door.

Knock Knock.

Wherever you may be - be safe

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