Saturday, November 21, 2009

Macedonia: Cease name change talks demands chairman of World Macedonian Congress

FOCUS Information Agency - Athens’s demands and pressure of the European bureaucracy for change of the name of Macedonia is genocide over Macedonian nation, disgrace for the European democracy and crime against mankind. This is what chairman of the World Macedonian Congress (WMC) Todor Petrov stated during demonstration before the EU mission in Macedonia, Vecer daily writes today.

WMC stated that the goal of the protest is to announce the massage of Macedonian people who are against the demand for changing the name of the country. According to Petrov the protest will make an impact over the social opinion.

WMC leader pointed out that he unconditionally wants ceasing talks for name changing and the government and the President to notify the UN Secretary General that Macedonia continues its membership in the world organizations under its constitutional name.

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