Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sri Lanka: LTTE planned mass chemical attack

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan soldiers of Army 57 Division on Tuesday, the 5th of March found a large stock of gas masks and chemical resistant costumes from a captured LTTE camp in Udayarkattukulam North. According to the defence experts' view, the discovery exposes a possible terrorist plot for a mass scaled chemical attack against Sri Lankan soldiers.

The LTTE terrorists have been using chemical gases against Sri Lanka Army during last two years of battle. However, the inherent limitations of the chemical weapons failed to give the intended impact on the battlefield with soldiers well prepared to meet a chemical threat.

The experts are of the opinion that the chemical resistant costumes which are indeed used in a much close quarter attack would have been intended for a direct assault supported by chemical weapons. Earlier, the tactic used by the terrorist was to fire gas canisters at the soldiers using indirect weapons than direct weapons.

According to the defence sources, there were 16 chemical resistant costumes, and 17 gas masks in the stock. Using chemical weapons is banned by the international law of war and considered to be a war crime.

The types of armoury found from the liberated areas of Wanni in recent times expose the great disaster that Sri Lanka as a nation has been heading since the 2002 ceasefire. The LTTE had been allowed to import aircraft, heavy artillery, high tech communication equipment, chemical weapons, etc during the ostensible peace cherished by the shortsighted political leaders of this country.

The experts argue that the victories won by Sri Lankan soldiers against terrorism is not only for the Sri Lankan citizens but also for the peace loving people in the whole world. The submarines, improvised bombs, suicide boats, chemical weapons, etc found in Wanni reveal the amount of contribution that the LTTE has been making for the global terrorism.

As highlighted by many times earlier, the LTTE has been acting as the unofficial Research and Development(R&D) department of the global terrorist network.

There is ample evidence showing that many international terrorists groups have copied the tactics developed by the LTTE. Unfortunately, the hypocrites in international media and LTTE propagandists have deliberately concealed the fact from the world by justifying LTTE acts and white washing the terrorist outfit. Unless for the commitment of the Sri Lankan soldiers the so-called "rebel group" in terms of the above hypocrites, would have been still continuing on its dangerous industry of aiding the global terrorism while taking the whole world for ride with its propaganda ploys.
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