Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sri Lanka: Inside Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

By Gomin Dayasri

Source: Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Republished for information and discussion only. This report does not necessarily reflect the views of Mike Hitchen Consulting

The right to life is paramount. A nation state is obliged to safeguard the life of civilians and offer security to its people. A terrorist organization has no such obligation.

LTTE's objective is to carve a state out of Sri Lanka and to achieve its goal will not hesitate to endanger and sacrifice human life. It commenced with the LTTE first killing Tamil politicians and Tamil policemen loyal to Sri Lanka. Then they turned towards the rival terrorists' fractions and eliminated those who competed with them to achieve their aspiration- to reign supreme without a challenge to their authority as the sole representative of the Tamil people. Their next target was the TULF politician who taught them the rudiments of secession but preferred to keep their distinct identity and ideology, unlike Sambandan and his TNA fellow travelers still trying to prop the LTTE.

In the midst of killing their own people they branded the Sinhalese as a race that torture maim and eliminate any innocent Tamil males they encounter; rape and ravish any Tamil women they meet. Those escaping from the clutches of the LTTE express they were so brain washed and were bewildered at the kindness with which they are treated on making the crossing. To the LTTE, Sinhalese was the bane of their lives, so they killed villagers, city dwellers, monks, pilgrims, cultivators, children and the aged without any scruples. Killing civilians was a way of life for the terrorists for 30 years. In fact, they eliminated numerically more Tamils that lived under their rule, than the Sinhalese. There methods of dealing with crime and punishment were cruel and barbaric. They took the Tamils back to medieval times having to perpetually idolize Prabhakaran and live according to the edicts of the LTTE.

Here was a minority complaining of minority grievances but goes on to ethnically cleanse a still smaller minority from living in a homeland, which the terrorists claim exclusively, is theirs. They chased all the Muslim inhabitants from homes and lands they occupied in the North. They denied the Moors from worshipping in their mosques and killed worshippers at prayer time in the east. There are no Muslims or Sinhalese residing in the North except probably for a handful of cadres on display for publicity. This was classic ethnic cleansing exercise of provincial minorities by numerically superior LTTE. Would any survive under the LTTE unless their servile obedience observed?

So it comes not as a surprise, to see the LTTE continue to kill and harm civilians especially Tamils held in captivity as they attempt to flee to government controlled areas with the territorial hold fast shrinking to oblivion.

The mind boggling shock is the attitude the human rights outfits and their traveling companions the foreign funded INGOs' to the atrocities committed against innocent civilians by the LTTE. Yet ,they remain silently until they are pushed to make a statement or issue a release down playing the catastrophic event.

With their humanitarian values, it is astonishing that no pressure is exerted on the terrorists to stop killing civilians by these INGOs. It is these same INGOs, which with intensity complain, if there is even shade of human rights infringement by state forces. In a war enacted close to civilian bases, both sides during the course of action, can cause harm to civilians unintentionally without deliberately targeting the population. The LTTE has always targeted civilians away from the battlefield intentionally and deliberately picking on them purely because of their civilian status. The purpose is to instill panic among the civilians and making the military spread forces thin on the ground to offer safeguards to civil life. No doubt, how the LTTE acquired the title as most dangerous terrorist organization? Primarily because of inflicting harm and damage on civilians.

To make it worse these INGOs have been found delivering military hardware in a surreptitious manner to the LTTE while running offices in Killinochchi and Mullativu. So where their loyalties lie is beyond doubt, but should not the government deny them further access after the end of the war from locations proximate to the remaining terrorists? Should they be not under surveillance on their patronizing activities to further terrorism? Should not those personnel in doubtful INGOs indulging in suspicious activities be decreed as personal non grata and be deported? Their local cahoots in the interest of national security be denied official recognition.

It is time to declare war within a democratic framework and the rule of law against these INGOs and their local skittles who prompt western mischief makers to discredit and degrade Sri Lanka.

Here is chart portrays a list of LTTE mischief making against the civilian population.
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