Thursday, March 05, 2009

Macedonia: Macedonia hopes for early resolution of "absurd name dispute"

Macedonia has good relation with all of the Balkan countries. This is what speaker of Macedonian Parliament Trayko Veljanovski said, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs.

In his words implantation of hate and lack of dialogue between the countries in the region is not in countries’ interest.

He added Balkans were synonym of powder-magazine in Europe not so long ago. He expressed his hope this is not like that any more.

Macedonia has been made big reforms in reference to European- Atlantic integration. According to Veljanovski Bulgaria’s help in reference to this is very valuable.

“Macedonia is not NATO member state only due to absurd name dispute with Greece,” e said further.

He added they have been worked to find compromise solution of the issue.

Macedonia will continue attending peace keeping missions in the whole world, he added.
According to Veljanovski- Macedonia can use Bulgarian parliament attempt.


Source: FOCUS Information Agency
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