Monday, March 16, 2009

Defense: South American defense cooperation heads towards reality

People's Daily Online reports at the first meeting of the South American Defense Council held recently, defense ministers of 12 member states of the Union of South American Nations came to a consensus, calling on South American countries to establish a mutual trust mechanism in the military field. This indicates that South American countries are beginning to exert themselves in boosting cooperation in defense after making achievements in economic integration.

This was the first regional defense meeting held by South American countries without being "dominated" or "interfered with" by an external force. The security and defense concepts in the Western Hemisphere have begun to take on "regional characteristics”, said Bolivian Defense Minister Walker San Miguel.

Participants of the meeting decided to intensify dialogue and cooperation in terms of defense, increase the transparency of each county’s military spending, improve cooperation in the military industry, and maintain and consolidate regional peace. Concrete measures of the South American defense cooperation include the establishment of a South American national defense research and training system, the survey and analysis of the current state of the military industry and the scope of strategic cooperation among South American countries, and the improvement of complementary production and technological transfer in the military industry.
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