Thursday, February 26, 2009

Single Parents: American Idol star Megan Joy, launches fan-mail fund for single parents

Although this is essentially a news blog, I am always happy to publish announcements such as this - if it is in a good cause.

Megan Joy, the 23 year-old Utah native turned American Idol sensation, is already proving herself to be an on-stage favorite this season. But for many, it's her recent off-stage performance that is truly winning over America's heart. Known initially for her powerful, Amy Winehouse-like jazzy vocals, it was when Megan's strong single-mother status began to gain media attention that she found a creative way to help others in her situation - she turned her incoming fan-mail into non-profit, cash donations for struggling single-parents like herself.

Megan recently began receiving hundreds of support cards from members of Utah based, a company she and her family have been closely involved with for years. Touched by such an overwhelming response, Megan shortly found herself on the phone with the group helping to spearhead a fundraising effort for single parent programs like the national non-profit, Parents Without Partners Inc.

Taking the company mantra literally, "Changing Lives One Card at a Time," SendOutCards has rallied their network of more than 60,000 card senders to participate in the fundraising activity. Set up under the non-profit 'SOC Gives' division of the company, senders are now able to donate on a one-time or weekly basis for as long as they choose.

"When we started working with Megan, you could see this was an issue she felt strongly about," says Kody Bateman, founder and CEO of SendOutCards. "She has so much on her plate right now, but her dedication to do what she can while still in the contest continues to inspire us. We were blown away last week when she told us she was still researching non-profits to find where the money might be used best."

Megan will find out after tonight's performance whether she'll be moving on to the next round, but says despite the outcome she plans to continue her outreach. Through the help of Megan, the kindness of strangers, and support from the more than 60,000 people across the SendOutCards network, the group hopes to make a positive impact on as many people they can.

Published by Mike Hitchen, Mike Hitchen Consulting
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