Friday, January 16, 2009

Burma: Zin Zin Myo Thant from Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) on "Everyone's participation to restore justice in Burma" (video)

Today's video is made by Burma Democratic Concern.

Quote: We have to eliminate military dictatorship in Burma before junta plan to hold rigged 2010 elections, unless otherwise Burma will be under brutal military dictatorship forever and ever and ever. We have to stop it sensibly and it is our duty to do the right thing. If United Nations fail to intervene in this very critical situation, it will send wrong message to the Burmese people and people around the world that if you got the guns and power, you can do whatever you want and kill the people well before the international community and get away with it.

Everyone got a role in democratisation process of Burma. When you see injustice, do not sit tight and just look. Do not ignore unjust to let it happen. When you see injustice, try your best to stand by with justice. Do something and voice for justice.

Respect for human rights and human dignity "is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace" in the world. Justice is outlaw; injustice is prevailing everywhere and military regime is always above the law in Burma. This is our duty to protect and promote human rights and justice in Burma. "

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