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Seniors: Daley Thompson promotes 2009 Senior Games

Maybe there is hope for me yet!

Yesterday, Daley Thompson, one of the world's greatest athletes of all times, visited the Netherlands to promote the 2009 Senior Games, an international sports event for baby boomers. The Senior Games will be organized in September 2009 in the Dutch province of Zeeland, and an estimated 4,500 athletes 50 years and over from all over Europe are expected to join. Participants will compete during this Multi-sport Event in no less than 22 major sports.

The 2009 Senior Games sports event is the first of its kind in Europe, but in the US, such events have been organized for baby boomers for quite some time. The plan is for the 2009 Senior Games to become an experience similar to the Olympic Games, with a fixed date on the international sports calendar. "I hope that an event similar to the one we are organizing will be planned in Europe every two years," says Ton Kienhuis, Executive for the Senior Games.

"You don't need to be a champion to participate," says Daley Thompson. Everyone aged 50 and older may take part in the 2009 Senior Games. To participate in the main program, candidates must meet selection criteria established in cooperation with national and international sports federations. However, there is also a recreational sports program with clinics for various sports and sport branches, such as bicycling and walking, for everyone.

Daley Thompson is very much in favour of the initiative. Daley just turned 50 and stresses the importance for people to stay fit all life long. Once his top sport career was over, Daley Thompson stayed competitive for a very long time in his other preferred sport, "soccer". He works out regularly - not only to stay physically fit, but for the mental benefits as well. The Senior Games will also serve to promote active sports among baby boomers. The slogan of the Senior Games, "Sports all life long", supports this objective.

Participants and spectators may register on the website:

Source: Senior Games 2009
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