Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crime: O.J. Simpson's "Shocking" new DVD 'Juiced' set for release cashing in on his " true "gangsta" credibility"

A "shocking dvd" made by O.J. Simpson is about to be released - despite his recent conviction. Below is the publicity blurb promoting the release. Takes all sorts I suppose.

O.J. Simpson's Shocking New DVD 'Juiced' Released on Dec. 12th for the First-Time Ever After His Felony Sentence of 9 Years!

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ Don't think that O.J. has gone away quietly for the next nine years! O.J. Simpson is still reaching out from prison as America's "guilty pleasure" and redefining a shocking, controversial and disturbing new meaning of celebrity with the new DVD "Juiced" via

Now with the true "gangsta" credibility of a convicted felon, the special collector's edition "Juiced" DVD will finally be available on Friday, December 12th, 2008 for the first-time ever, delivering truly unbelievable jaw-dropping access to an enigmatic O.J. Simpson that the world has never seen before!

This hidden camera comedy DVD spectacle of the year is considered so extreme that community protest censored and refused to play "Juiced" in some areas because of its extremely outrageous content.

"Juiced" is a must-see sur-reality program featuring over 90 minutes of O.J. Simpson playing shocking stunts and twisted practical jokes on unsuspecting real-life people all across America. If you ever wanted to know what it means when O.J. tells you "You've Been Juiced!" -- or witness O.J. Simpson causing complete chaos and total havoc as a drunken pizza delivery man, ruthless hip hop singer, obnoxious fast food drive-thru attendant, scandalous celeb caught cheating with another man's fiancee, panhandling street bum, elderly Caucasian retiree, or even a used car salesman trying to sell a bullet-ridden white Bronco while discussing its "escapability" feature, plus much, much more -- this is it!

The "Juiced" DVD experience also includes O.J. actually performing his hard-hitting and wildly controversial rap song "Get Juiced" at a scandalous sex-crazed strip club, surrounded by bare-naked dancers.

During the filming of "Juiced", O.J. Simpson also granted the producers an exclusive, two-hour, never-before-seen in-depth interview -- available now for domestic and international broadcast licensing -- in which no topic was off limits!

Source: XEG Public Relations
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