Monday, May 19, 2008

Child abuse: Supporters of Bradford child pervert launch attack on popular photoblog

Discredited driving instructor Jill Havern, the woman behind the Freeway Driving School at Copston Grove, Selly Oak, launched a spam attack on the photoblog of Mr Mike Hitchen, described in a column by famous American journalist Chris Freind, as the "well known Australian blogger".

The attack followed Mr Hitchen's call for a boycott of Havern's failing driving school over her support of Jeremy Young of Bradford). Young who is willingly supported in his activities by his wife, (instead of looking after the welfare of her new born son), is well known to police in at least four countries for his online exploitation of children - including his own stillborn baby. Young, who has been reported to authorities by child welfare professionals, willingly accepted the help of Havern after her attempts at luring Mr Hitchen into sexually oriented conversations, failed.

Havern helped by an alleged man called Elmer Quigley, whose blog is adorned by an image of a penis, made numerous abusive posts to Sydney Irresistible, Mr Hitchen's popular photoblog, the day the article appeared. A smaller attack was also made yesterday.

It is not the first time this has happened and the award winning Australian blogger whose blog is read by US military, overseas government departments and most US universities, has a collection of over 2,500 such comments made in sustained attacks since November 2007. Most comment spam includes references to child pornogrpahy.

Mr Hitchen said "Having known the Melted Barbie Doll for some time it did not suprise me in the least. If they think they can frighten me off, they are mistaken - I leave that sort of thing to those who live in a social environment where what other people call cowardice, they call tradition"

Mr Hitchen became well known in Britain as "The Voice" for his questioning of the Madeleine McCann mystery. One of those involved in the attacks has been banned from several forums for her attacks on those who question the official version of events and is allegedly known to the representative of one of the key figures in the issue.

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