Thursday, April 03, 2008

International Relations: EU and new Australian government pledge closer cooperation

The EU and Australia have pledged closer cooperation, especially in the Doha Round talks of the World Trade Organization, climate change and anti-terrorism.

A joint statement issued by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso following their meeting in Brussels said: "We face many common challenges in foreign and security, and trade and economic policy areas. In meeting these challenges we recognize the value of regular and frank dialogue and close cooperation" .

"We believe our cooperation will exemplify how the international community must work together to achieve lasting solutions to our most difficult challenges," it said.

Both sides agreed to reaffirm their resolve to bring the Doha trade negotiations to a successful conclusion this year. They also agreed to work closely together in implementing the Kyoto Protocol and forging a comprehensive post-2012 global agreement on climate change that will deliver the deep cuts in emissions the world requires.