Monday, February 04, 2008

Burma: How to be a millionaire junta style - steal money from villagers

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A Nasaka commander Captain Aung Tun Myint of Nasaka area No.7 has become a millionaire after collecting money from villagers illegally, said a close aide of the Burma ’s border security forces, or Nasaka.

The commander was transferred to Nasaka area No.7 from Nasaka area No.4 in Maungdaw Township on April 2007. After his transfer the commander started persecuting villagers. He arrested the villagers on allegations of crossing the border, illegal marriage and holding illegal Bangladeshi mobile phones among other charges.

The Nasaka area No. 7 comprises six village tracts the Pa Dinn, Du-Nyaung Pin Gyi, Du-Chee Yar Tan, Gaw Dhu Thar Ya, , Bag Gona, and Pan Daw Pyin.

Frequently, the captain accompanied by other Nasaka personnel went to villages, surrounded it at midnight and searched house. They searched for illegal marriages, guest lists, family members, who had gone out of the out the house temporarily, checked the livestock list, mobile phones and property list. If they found any mistakes, they arrested the villagers and brought them to their camp and detained them. They released the persons who paid money and sent to jail those who were unable to pay, said one of the villagers who requested anonymity.

The commander charged Kyat 500,000 to 2 million from men who were arrested. For instance, a man was arrested illegally on suspicion of having a Bangladeshi mobile phone. But he had no mobile phone. He was compelled to bring a mobile phone from Bangladesh and was released after paying kyat 500,000. In this way, the commander collected a huge amount of money from villagers.

Besides, about 200 children were born in Nasaka area No. 7 from parents who didn't have marriage permits from the authorities. The commander also collected Kyat 50,000 to 200,000 from such couples. Some couples unable to pay were sent to jail for six years.

The commander collected Kyat 20 crore from his area. Last year, he visited Rangoon three times and took his money there. He also sent money to Rangoon through his agent. Mostly he bought gold from Bangladesh and transferred it to Rangoon , said a close aide of the captain.

However, the commander was transferred to Nasaka area No.5 from Nasaka area No. 7 a week ago.