Thursday, January 03, 2008

The McCanns: 'undred per cent certain it was 'im

In a startling new development, a witness has come forward with a photograph of a man she says she saw acting suspiciously on the night of May 3, outside what she claims to be the McCann's apartment.

The witness - a consultant phycologist whose credibility was proved by an estate agent valuing her home at $900,000, said she is, "100 per cent certain" the man she saw was Murat.

When 'i On Global Trends' asked her if there was anything distinctive about the man, she said she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary apart from the fact he had a funny eye - "look, you can see it quite clearly" she said pointing to the back of the man's head.

When asked, "Didn't you think a man clambering into a bedroom dressed in a red suit and red hat in May, looked suspicious?" she replied, "You don't move in the same circles as I do, do you sweet cheeks?"

The woman dressed in a, "I was rejected by the Aussie Blogger" T shirt, (available in my online store) explained that it had taken her eight months to approach the Manuel Smart Detective Agency with the photograph, because it wasn't her turn.

The witness who wants to avoid publicity and doesn't want her name in print unless it's on a cheque, told Hello, The Sun, CNN, The Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Beano, and Jackanory, that she did not know the McCanns personally, as she only belongs to the same golf club, attends the same parties and Gerry works with her dad.