Friday, December 28, 2007

Burma: Prisoners forced to work on Akyab-Rangoon Highway

Prisoners from different jails in Arakan State were used as workforce on the Akyab-Rangoon highway on December 20. The highway was damaged by rains in the monsoons.

Fifty of the prisoners are from Akyab and were brought out of jail on December 15, while 50 were from Kyaukpru jail brought out on December 16 and 50 from Buthidaung jail made to work on December 17, on the Akyab-Rangoon highway under Myebon Township -- pillar No.52 and 53, said a source close to jail authorities.

All the prisoners are under the control of the Western Command and are kept in a temporary camp which was made by prisoners at pillar No. 52 and 53 of the Akyab-Rangoon highway.

The prisoners started work on the road on December 20. They are also working in brick kilns and collecting wood for the brick field, digging rock and earth for the road, said a local in Myebon.

The prisoners also will work on bridges leading to the road.

Source: Kaladan Press Network