Friday, November 09, 2007

On the road to Mandalay

My suburb can be a funny place at times. Take today for instance - not just one, "would you believe it" moment - but two.

The first happened as I was walking back from the shops this afternoon. I was approaching, 'Mandalay' a function venue at the end of my street, (shown above) and walking in front of me was a young woman on her way to a wedding.

At this point I have to admit to getting help with this post. I am not great at describing female clothing, so I asked a friend, who herself happens to be female, does, "she was wearing a very transparent, sheer, almost pantyhose type material, black dress" make sense to you? She said it did - sort of. I thought, "that's good enough", so that's what she was wearing.

It sounds very stylish and sophisticated doesn't it? Just one thing spoiled the effect. She was wearing full seated knickers with flowers on them!

Don't get me wrong, I actually prefer "normal" knickers to the more racey type - I somehow find them sexier. But not under a dress like that!

If that wasn't bad enough, tonight I heard "singing" coming from outside my kitchen window. Although it is supposed to be summer, tonight is bloody cold, wet and windy. I looked out and saw a smartly dressed 40 something woman, standing in the rain singing a ballad that was unfamiliar to me. Fortunately, she too was unfamiliar to me!

Sydney's Channel Seven news had a very interesting segment tonight, presented by their reporter in Portugal. The report showed how far behind Australia is when it comes to solar power. It compared our efforts to the state of the art solar power plant in Portugal. A video can be seen here. If that shoud fail, then try the main video page and look for Calls for solar commitment

Tomorrow - back to normal posting!

Wherever you may be - be safe