Monday, November 12, 2007

The McCanns: Sorry, the number you are dialling is unavailable

"I will be careful, I just think little Madeleine is worth the risk."

The above statement just about broke my heart when I read it, for I knew it came straight from the heart. The heart of someone who cares, someone who would never give up hope.

It is the sort of statement you would expect to come from Kate McCann, Madeleine's mother. A statement unscripted, unrehearsed and completely natural - said without a moments thought or deliberation - all the things that prove it didn't come from the control-freak's recycled handbag.

I saw it when I opened my mailbox one morning. It was a readers response to my warning, "to be careful". The reader had previously told me they wanted to do something that I wouldn't even advise any parent of a missing child to do. It was fraught with danger.

Now, that person is disillusioned. The lies, deceit and total lack of moral and/or ethical integrity from Team McCann, have dimmed the fire of Hope.

Another decent person slapped in the face by the McCanns and their tacky little bunch of out-of-the-box whores, who make their living protecting two people who are despised and ridiculed across the world. Another decent person betrayed by two bastards whose first reaction to any alleged new sighting, is to think of themselves and how it improves their position.

"I will be careful, I just think little Madeleine is worth the risk."

One person was willing to put themselves in a position of danger for Maddie - while the McCanns weren't willing to put themselves in any position that did not involve jogging, golf or picking up friends from the airport - a road much travelled.

Because of what they have done - and continue to do to Madeleine, I will never forgive or have any compassion for the McCanns. No threats, insults, abuse or lies from those who appear to be off-the-shelf purchases from two-bob bargain basement reject shops, will change my mind.

Justice is coming. The unseen and unheard are chipping patiently away at the rock behind which so much is hidden. And when the rock crumbles, as it surely will, grubs will run hither and thither, twisting this way and that. But there will be nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

No one to phone or text - for no one will answer the call any more.

That's the price you pay when you ignore the call of a little girl - a call unheard over the sound of laughter and the chinking of glasses.