Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney: Special Edition!

The last five to six months has been hard in many ways, but for many, many years, I have believed that every negative is outnumbered by positives.

Sometimes they may be hard to find - certainly harder than negatives, who being nasty little buggers, have a habit of jumping up and down in the air screaming, "Here we are". Positives may be more discreet - but they are there if you look closely.

However, as with every rule, there is always an exception. Sometimes the positives are there to see as clearly as a politicians lies on election eve.

Take this blog for example. Yes it has been hard going at times, but all that is swept away by the friendship and support of people who a few months ago were strangers. People who had never used a blog before.

Tonight's photo was sent to me by GFI, who like many others is a regular reader, contributor and friend. It is a glass negative from her own collection. I love old B/W photographs and I have woven my own little story around this fine example.

See the chap in the centre of the photo? Notice how nonchalantly he stands as he keeps his eye on the female walking away from him. I am sure she knows what he is doing, but I haven't quite figured out how she feels about the whole thing. Maybe out of shot of the camera, she drops a silk handkerchief and he of course, comes to her rescue.

Handing her the small piece of cloth, his smile is returned with a blush. Gradually his sophistication breaks down her coyness. She starts to giggle. He asks if he can escort her. Naturally, she at first declines, but just as naturally, eventually succumbs.

He guides her to a secluded part of the grounds. He casts his eyes around to make sure no other human is in within distance. The coast is clear and they sit down under the shade of a tree. Together. Alone. Not a soul in sight.

He puts his arms around her and hears the words heard so often.

"Scuse me mate. Anybody sitting here? Not disturbing you am I?".

Wherever you may be - be safe - and believe