Sunday, September 02, 2007

The McCanns: Tell it to someone who gives a stuff

The Express reports that the "heartbroken father" who through premeditated neglect carved from selfishness, lost his daughter Madeleine, is feared to be on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Not so long ago it was Little Miss Ice Knickers, who was on the verge of a breakdown - and we all know how she bounced back. In two weeks time Cuddle Cat will be feeling the pressure.

Once again the British media are quick to leap to the McCanns defence and paint them as innocent victims.

Let's cut through the hearts-and-violins crap and get straight to the point. There are two innocent victims in all this - Madeleine - and Truth.

Membership of the Mutual Protection Society, has allowed the McCanns to have the sort of protection always denied to others in the same situation. I have known parents of missing children suffer nervous breakdowns through the sheer hell of losing a child. Yet the British media make no mention of this being the cause of his physical and metal distress. Let's take a look at what the Express has to say -

"Over the past month Gerry McCann has had to endure a vicious hate campaign, fuelled by the Portuguese media."

"But even during the darkest moments, the 39-year-old hospital consultant has remained a pillar of strength, fighting to protect his family against vile speculation surrounding what happened on the night of May 3."

"In recent weeks, however, he has become increasingly frustrated with the hapless police investigation and feels that he can no longer control his life while it remains in a state of limbo."

"Last night a close friend said she is worried he can no longer cope with the intense scrutiny and urged him to fly his family home."

“Gerry has worked hard for everything he has achieved"

"He is now finding this hard because he can no longer control events or the cruel things that are being said about him."

Not one word about the distress of losing Madeleine - not one bloody, solitary word. It is all about him - as per usual.

Some people - even my own supporters wonder why I target the McCanns. That is easy to answer. They are they key to this mystery. The British press have gone out of their way to build the couple in to fine, outstanding pillars of society. They are painting a deliberately false picture. They are not as the press would like others to believe - so why are they doing it?

The Canonisation of the McCanns has put obstacles in the way of finding the truth about what has happened to Madeleine. If I can shove a few of those barriers out of the way - then I will - whatever it takes. If some find that hard to accept - then now is the time to leave. I do not do things without a reason - or by halves.

The McCanns intend to sue to protect their reputation? Which reputation would that be? because there are a few to choose from.

The reputation they enjoyed while they were travelling the world meeting the Pope and other leading dignitaries - before the dark cloud of doubt began slowly but rightly to head their way?

Maybe the reputation they now enjoy? - the sort of reputation they and the Pack Rats were happy to bestow upon someone they described as a sad loner. The McCann Mafia don't mind dishing it out - but like all two-bit bullies, when the going gets tough - they go to water.

Perhaps Gerry wants to defend the reputation he had long before Madeleine vanished - I doubt that would be worth defending.

The Express paints a picture of a man who does not like to lose what he has gained. It makes one wonder what lengths a man such as that would go to protect the only things he ever really wanted.