Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The McCanns: Have your say.

Although this isn't a new post, due to the number and length of responses on the previous thread, I will be closing it to comments. I will however, make this a vehicle to discuss McCann related issues. I would also like to point out that I am more than happy to accommodate a number of worthwhile causes, but that does not extend to multiple posting of links - especially on unrelated posts.

We have had a relatively polite and frank discussion on the previous thread, but I do think I have given everyone on both sides of the argument, enough chance to have their say. Let's move on.

To "Anon" I must say that while I don't agree with you - and never will:) you have said nothing that I feel is against the posting guidelines. It was a "lively exchange of views":) Although we differ, I hope you may enjoy some of the other topics covered on this blog.

Although this post is "free-form" I will just remind readers that the normal guidelines (as shown in the "comments" section) still apply.

Till tomorrow...
...wherever you may be - be safe

Photo: Taken on my way home from my walk. The building is St Columbia's Uniting Church (and senior citizens home).