Monday, September 03, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney - Sep 3

In the interests of transparency and open accountability, I would like to state that I have dipped in to the donations and made the following purchases.

* Two bottles of James Boag Premium beer at $3.40 Total $6:80
* I large packet of pretzels at $3..Total Expenditure $9:80

The above purchases will help lower my personal awareness of a couple of tacky little self-serving bastards. It wont go all the way - but it will help.The CDs you see were obtained from my local public library - free of charge!

You have to admit, how many people do you know would plan a beer and pretzel evening accompanied by Tom Waits, Jethro Tull - Billy Cotton and George Formby!

The reason I borrowed the, "The ANZAC Collection Songs of the War Years" CD, was not because today was the day "war broke out" (Sept 3 1939) - but it is rather inspirational.

After all, we are fighting a war of our own. I feel as though my office should be adorned with several flags representing the "Coalition of The Caring"

I am rather intrigued by "Beyond Mississippi - The Blues That Left Town" Thirty-five tracks that include - Muddy Waters; Aretha Franklin; Dr John; Mahalia Jackson; Bob Dylan; Tom Waits; Bo Diddley; Van Morrison; Chuck Berry and Nina Simone.

I am a person of diverse taste!

Oh and the red thing is my bed - that I hope to get in to before 2am!

Tomorrow I will be targeting CEOP and other child welfare agencies - a post prompted by an email sent to me by someone who contacted me right at the beginning - and whose sincerity and genuine concern helped inspire me to take this whole issue on board.

Till tomorrow...
Wherever you may be - be safe