Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mrs Grub: "Too Late Kate" goes solo

From The Times: "As it approaches 100 days since her daughter’s abduction, Kate McCann tells Steven Swinford in her first solo interview of her sense of guilt and the pain when her infant twins ask: where’s Madeleine?"

Yes, well now we now why she has never been allowed to go "solo" before don't we. It's not too often we have the opportunity to see a damage control exercise turn in to an exercise of self-destruction.

“Every hour now I still question, ‘Why did I think that was safe?"

No doubt, this will soon be reduced to every half-hour.

Kate, don't ask yourself any more questions, let me give you the answer. The reason is that you are a selfish, self-centred good-time gal, who wasn't going to let a little thing like your children's safety get in the way of your holiday. After all, you yourself said you tooneeded a holiday.

“Madeleine had a ball. They did swimming, went on a little boat, went to a beach, did lots of colouring in and face painting,”

All things you could have done with her yourself - just as most mums do. But of course, the parenting habits of other parents are only relevant to you when they fall in to line with your own perverse sense of responsible parenting.

"Her voice dropped to a whisper as she added: 'I don’t know what it was. I never got to see it."

Neither did Maddy thanks to you and Gerry.

"They were 20 yards from the villa and checked on the children every half hour, she said."

Oh so Gerry lied on US TV did he? He kept quoting 50 yards. The McCann family don't have to work too hard to play Spot The Liar, - pick anyone and be a winner.

"But when she returned at about 9pm she found Madeleine had gone. She immediately realised she had been abducted."

Ah, so now it is 9pm. That looks much better doesn't it, even though it contradicts earlier versions. Not all of us have bad memories Kate.

“I never thought for one second that she’d walked out.

How could you be so certain, so soon?

" I was screaming her name"

Because Gerry couldn't remember it?

"But it did feel safe and it did feel right. Maybe it was because it was family-friendly. That week we had left them alone while we had dinner."

Any reason you don't like dining with you children? This is at a time when child experts are stressing the importance of family meals.

"I can’t describe how much I love Madeleine. If I’d had to think for one second, ‘Should we have dinner and leave them?’ I wouldn’t have done it."

But you did do it Kate. Every single night. Two professionals made a deliberate decision. When you leave your home, do you lock the doors? If so - you do it because there is a chance someone may break in. You do not expect it to happen - but you consider the possibility.

She has found that other mothers understand her mistake.
“I’ve had so many letters from mothers, really kind words. People have said, ‘Kate, we’ve done this a hundred times over ourselves. Why would you for one minute think this would happen?"

Because it does happen - that's why. I know it, everyone on this blog knows it. Which is why they still have their children and you don't have Madeleine. You pick and choose advice in the same way you pick and choose which aspects of the Catholic faith suit your own self-centred needs.

“It is important not to lose sight of the fact we haven’t committed a crime. Somebody has. Somebody’s been there; somebody’s been watching"

They wouldn't have been able to watch if you had not made it so damn obvious that the children would be left alone. At least someone was watching your children, which is a damn sight more than you and the alleged man you married did.

“She had very bad colic and cried about 18 hours a day."

Is that why Gerry keeps referring to Maddy's crying? She also cut her leg when boarding the plane to Portugal. Yet you still opted to leave her alone.

Madeleine’s independent streak emerged at an early stage. “She’s always had bags of personality, even as a baby she was quite determined and independent,” said Kate.

And you still left her alone in an unlocked room. Can you see why I made that statement Kate? I thought not.

"While Gerry has answered questions with the skill of a seasoned public speaker"

Unless he is asked valid questions by overseas media - questions the UK media refuse to ask. Seasoned public speaker? The only seasoning he comes close to is stuffing. Which is exactly what he needs.

"I hate publicity, interviews, anything like that. I just hate it,” she said. “I just go through the motions"

You just go through the motions of trying to get your daughter back, is that what you are saying Kate? Because that is exactly what you have said.

“Some people say the publicity will be harmful, that she’ll be hidden away because of it. But what can you do, just sit and do nothing?”

But that is exactly what you have been doing - nothing. Zilch. Bugger all.

The twins provide a measure of normality. They are happy in each other’s company; but they show they are aware of Madeleine’s absence. Such moments are crippling for Kate.

“When we went back to the UK for a family baptism there was an empty seat on the plane and Sean said, ‘That’s Madeleine’s seat.’ That caught me, she said.

“It was a very emotional day. Amelie asked me afterwards, ‘Where’s Madeleine? I miss my sister?’ It catches me.”

Nice to see that by referring to the twins as individuals, you are yet again addressing issues raised on this blog.

"Some of that might be mad; I don’t know. We don’t know where Madeleine is; we don’t think she’s in the UK.”

She could be in Belgium - why don't you head there?

The McCanns may one day have another child, she said, but not while Madeleine is missing.
“It takes time and I’m not getting any younger,”

Don't worry Kate, you can treat your age the same way you treat everything else of importance. 39 today, 33 next week, 25 the week after.

"We just have to wait and see what life has in store for us”.

I know what I would like life to have in store for you dearie.

“I’d tell her we love her. She knows we’re looking for her,"

She knows everyone else is looking for her while you and Gerry move from one comfy chair to another.