Monday, August 06, 2007

The McCanns: Article worth reading

There is an excellent article in "" a portal for people working in Scotland's media industries, those wishing to reach out to Scotland's media community and anyone curious about Scotland's media. To read the article click here (not the previous link that takes you to the home page)

Written by Maggie Stanfield, it raises many of the issues that have concerned us.

Quote: "The appeal for ‘legal expenses’ was launched and rapidly raised vast but undisclosed amounts though quite what legal expenses would be involved in searching for a child and eventually, possibly finding both her and her kidnapper, has yet to be made clear."

Quote: "At no point to date has the media anywhere managed to get answers to some of the more difficult questions like: Where is the money going?"

Quote: "Out of sympathy for the anguished parents, the media has held back but where some have tried to ask these kinds of questions, they have been very rapidly and firmly faced down. They clearly are not going to be answered."

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