Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Never mind "The Fund" We have reached our own milestone

Never mind "The Fund" We have reached our own milestone

I bet you saw the title of this post and thought, "Oh heck, he is talking like a Team McCann member now and using the Royal 'We'.

Nope, I use it because all those who have responded to my posts on the Madeleine McCann issue, have helped turn this blog in to an effective counter to the British media's snow job on two people with a demonstrated track record of child neglect.

I write very few posts - it is those who respond who have made it effective. Which is why you will be pleased to know, this issue has now generated one thousand responses and emails!


Bloody Norah!

If you wish to show your support, I am pleased to announce you can now buy, "i On Global Trends - leaving no grub untouched" badges from a box in the foyer. In addition, I have ordered 20,000 glow in the dark, musical figurines of Gordon Brown looking in to Gerry's eyes while singing, "Everything I do, I do it for you". At the moment, they are stored in a lock up down by the brickworks.

I also have a supply of hats with corks hanging from the rim, emblazoned with the slogan, "Come on Aussie come on" However, for Aunt Phil supporters, I can offer the same thing with, "Psis off Aussei, Psis off". I have checked the spelling with the little cherub, and apparently it is correct.

There is also a rare DVD of yours truly starring in a soft porn movie called, "Michael Does Mudgee" and a CD of me singing, Nessy Doormat. Every other bugger sings it, so why shouldn't I!

However, there is one thing money can not buy - the support of people who until recently, were complete strangers.

One way or another there is a little girl out there - and I would like to know why. I want to know why those who put her in that position are being protected and isolated from official censure.

I want to know why little Madeleine has been transformed in to a little match seller, in order to provide income support for those who abandoned her when she was vulnerable.

I want to know why the world has become a place where apparently "we" are in the wrong and "they" are in the right.