Friday, July 27, 2007

Ho ho ho

Gawd love us - what a day. Comes to something when you are financially penalised by a government department for refusing to sign a business document that is -

(a) incorrectly dated, (June 12, not July 27)
(b) contains information that was not included in a document I agreed to sign on June 12, which they first insisted was exactly the same document as they wanted me to sign today - then said the earlier document didn't exist in "the system".
(c) included information contained in the document I signed on June 12, that could only have been included if it was in "the system".

Confused? So am I.

But wait - there's more.

I was walking through a shopping centre and passed Santa Claus standing outside a shop with a bunch of balloons, shouting "Yo ho ho."

My first thought was, "you know where you can stuff your ho, ho, ho sunshine" followed by "Huh"!

This is July.

Then I remembered the new marketing wank in Australia, "Christmas in July" based on the fact that it is winter here. I took out my mobile phone but no matter how many times I begged him to, Scotty just wouldn't beam me up. Must have either been related to Gerry or objected to my lack of premature jubilation.

Right, now down to business. I have played around with the blog and have created a "Madeleine McCann" links section. I tried to place it in a "hot spot" which means readers should see it as they come to the end of the first article.

I am well behind on answering posts and email, but I will attend to both throughout the rest of the day. My apology if you have written to me over the last 36 hours and not received a reply.

I will be posting tonight but it may be a bit delayed!

Until then - Merry Christmas, Ho ho, ho.