Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Grubs: My response to The Mirror

I don't normally frequent the Mirror forum, but this morning I just could not resist the opportunity to address Cat3, who for some reason appears to object to me returning my business to the way it was before the McCanns took the decision to abandon their children on a nightly basis - as did their other irresponsible, negligent, self-centred pack of finger-pointing holiday pack-rats.

Well Cat dear, I have no intention of putting my business on hold because of the McCanns.

For those of you who are interested, this is my one and only contribution to the Mirror.

Yes Cat my little Snugglepot. The Paypal account that had been on my blog for 18 months prior to posting about the McCanns, but which after my first post on the issue, I removed along with 10 of the 14 adverts that had been prominently displayed for two years - including full banner ads on the top and foot of the blog. This has been verified by other members of blog communities such as Blog Explosion, who have supported the blog since it's inception in May 2005, and which can also be easily proved from reports by both PayPal and Commission Junction.

In other words,I was prepared to lose two revenue streams because I didn't want to capitalise on the extra traffic generated by McCann posts.

At some stage McCann will have to return to work - so do I, and that work is running a business blog that prior to the McCanns, had published over 4,400 articles on over 140 different topics. I pay for media subscriptions, copyright licensing agencies and other expenses related to publishing a blog whose focus is the delivery of business news. The carrying of such ads was also a condition of governmental support for the blog - which I lost due to their removal.

Prior to returning my business to normal (you may like to make note of the fact that even now, the blog does not carry the ads that had previously displayed) I had made several posts advising people that I would returning to the blogs normal format. It is a business blog and always has been. There was not one dissenting voice. I waited three weeks before I did anything and even now it is nowhere near the level of sponsorship as in the past.

I realise that is extremely unlikely you would have visited the blog prior to your alleged but phoney support of two selfish little bastards, (who took it upon themselves to give birth to three children they went out of their way to spend as little time with as possible, as verified by their own statements and those of their two-bob-pub-thug families), as it did not cover topics such as Coronation Street, Eastenders or which football player is shagging his best friend's wife. It was aimed at a rather higher socio-professional audience than some B grade troll like yourself who gives every impression of being some little check-out chick, chewing gum as she calls for a price check on a packet of frozen peas.

Cat dear, as a troll, you are still in your training knickers. Your are repetitive, unoriginal, and demonstrate your lack of online debating skills by resorting to the sort of labels and insults that leave seasoned campaigners such as myself, totally unaffected. Seen it all before sweetheart. Not once have you attempted to discredit any of my arguments against the two grubs you pretend to support. You avoid doing so because (a) you do not have the communication skills (B) you are unable to dispute anything I say.

Have a nice life Snugglepot, but I know you will go out of your way to find a way not to. After all, it's what you have been doing ever since the midwife held you upside down and slapped the wrong end.