Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney

Tonight's photo: Finally! If you read this post earlier you will know that I have been trying for hours to upload this photo. I know there is at least one person who would like to see it - so better late than never.

Last night I mentioned that I would post a photo of the reserve where most of my "wildlife" photos are taken. This is it - my little place of peace and solitude. This is just part of picturesque Burns Bay. Behind this photo the bay stretches to the Lane Cove River, which in turn leads to Sydney Harbour.

Tomorrow, (Monday Sydney time) I am packing up my troubles in my old kit bag and walking, walking, walking. Monday is my "Sunday" - which makes sense when you consider my clients are all almost a day behind me and hopefully enjoying a quiet, peaceful Sunday. I am heading over to Sydney, then taking a harbour ferry to a suburb called Cremorne. From there, I will be walking along the harbour foreshores as far as my legs can carry me.

Apart from the stunning views and secluded little beaches tucked away on the edge of bushland that even most Sydneysiders do no know exist, it will also be a sort of journey of remembrance.

The last time I did the full walk was way back in 1992 and I had just completed chemotherapy. I used to love that walk as the scenery was so varied and so peaceful. I would often sit on a rock jutting right out into the harbour at a point where I could feel the full force of the elements enveloping me in a way that not only made feel alive - but realise I was alive.

It's not an easy walk and I am now in the early fifties and a lot of water has passed under my bridge, so I am not going to say "Bring it on" - I have seen what happens to others who make such rash statements. But I will give it a go and see how far I get - for old times sake and for the sake of some bloody good photo opportunities!

I realised I must be getting past my peak when I found myself actually planning this walk - instead of just taking off on a whim. I will have a cooler bag packed with Gatorade, Mars bars, a towel, a spare T-shirt, a spare pair of shorts, (on one previous walk I split the back of my jeans and had to walk home with my butt literally hanging out the back of my pants, and on another occasion I fell and tore a hole in the knee!), and two caps - New York Mets and St Louis Cardinals.

I will also carry insect repellent, a couple of bandages and a can of deodorant. The temperature is expected to be around 80 Fahrenheit tomorrow and fortunately there are places I can freshen up on the way back so that I am socially acceptable on the bus going home!

Till next time...

...wherever you may be - be safe