Friday, March 02, 2007

Goodnight from Sydney - and condolences to Enterprise, Alabama

Tonight's photo: I am not exactly sure what this building is, but I have an idea it is a boat club. The photo was taken this afternoon form the Fig Tree Bridge, which of course will mean absolutely zilch to 99.99 per cent of my readers - which is why I have provided a link!

Here in Sydney we have been receiving television coverage of the tragedy in Enterprise Alabama. According to the latest reports we have received, at least eight people were killed when a twister caused part of a high school to collapse.

Judging by the footage I saw on our 6 pm news, those who were killed did everything right. Warnings were issued and pre-rehearsed procedures were followed. But Mother Nature some times doesn't care about procedures.

I am sure many of us here in Sydney would wish to send our condolences and thoughts to the people of Enterprise. School tragedies and the loss of a town's young people can have a devastating effect on the community - something I am aware of following the 1966 Aberfan disaster in which 116 school children were killed in a village near where I lived.

Sometimes my customary signing off line has more significance than usual - tonight is one such night...

...wherever you may be - be safe

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