Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goodbye to goodnight from Sydney

Photo: Circular Quay in Sydney

As the theme of this blog is changing, it no longer seems appropriate to finish with the usual "Goodnight from Sydney" post. I will be sad to see it go but nothing remains the same these days and it's time to head in a new direction - with a new perspective.

Tomorrow, (Friday Sydney time) will be the last day for "i On Global Trends" before it becomes "New Perspectives". In the next few days I will be making the necessary changes to entries in blog communities and directories.

The sad thing is I know that if in two years time I decide to resurrect the original format of this blog, I will still be writing about the same damn things. The names would change in some instances, but the articles would remain the same.

Zimbabwe; "key to eradicating poverty"; Iraq; Iran; North Korea; road-maps to peace - they would all still be there. Powerful men and powerful women in designer clothes will be standing at the same lecterns making the same speeches using the same fine words, or issuing the same threats.

The people of the Darfur region will still be dying; children will still be victims of war - their broken bodies lying in little known regions as a result of wars not fashionable enough for anyone to jump on the latest, "Cause-of-the-month" bandwagon and wear white wrist-bands to highlight their tragedy.

In some ways I feel that by changing the focus of this blog, I am turning up my coat collar, pulling down the front of my hat, and walking away with my back turned. One thing is for sure, if that is what I am doing - I am in rich and powerful company.

Oh I just realised - I guess this also means it will be the last time I sign off with...

Wherever you may be - be safe