Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feature: As others see us - from North Korea

Recently I have been posting "As others see us" to give American readers an idea of American news that has made Australian media. Tonight, I am doing something a little different - a look at how North Korea views the US.

Personally, I think that if they changed sides, these guys could get a job with Fox News or Sydney's Radio 2GB.

U.S. Madcap Arms Buildup under Fire
Pyongyang, January 31 (KCNA) -- The U.S. Solidarity Committee for Supporting the Struggle of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front and the South Korean People issued a statement on Jan. 23 as regards the U.S. deployment of F-117 Stealth fighter bombers and support personnel in south Korea. The moves of the U.S. imperialists to create the military tension and the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula and bring nuclear disasters to it are bound to go bust, the statement warned.

It urged the world peace-loving people to positively support and encourage the south Korean people in their anti-imperialist, anti-U.S. struggle and bitterly condemn the U.S. imperialists' frantic moves for arms buildup.

The statement called upon the world friendly organizations and public figures to denounce the U.S. imperialists' moves for a war of aggression and positively support and encourage the Korean people in their anti-U.S. struggle.

U.S. Chiefly Accountable for Posing Threat of WMD to World
Pyongyang, January 31 (KCNA) -- The United States has recently raised a hue and cry over the so-called "threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) from north Korea". No matter how hard this assailant tries to paint itself as a victim, he will only strip bare his despicable nature. Minju Joson Wednesday observes this in a signed commentary. It goes on:

The U.S. is none other than the chieftain of aggression that massacred innocent Korean civilians by using WMDs.

The U.S. criminal use of germ weapons in the Korean war triggered off the towering resentment among broad strata of people in the world. It should have apologized to the Korean nation for its indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians by use of germ weapons and other WMDs.

Instead of doing so, it has steadily shipped germ and chemical weapons into south Korea since the signing of the Armistice Agreement in frantic preparations for biological and chemical warfare.

The U.S. moves for biological and chemical warfare have become evermore undisguised since the emergence of the Bush administration. The bellicose Bush group is spending 6.5 billion dollars for the research and development of biological weapons under the pretext of "combating terrorism by use of biological and chemical weapons." A typical example of this is the fact that a large-scale laboratory is now being constructed in Maryland by the Bush war-thirsty group.

As facts indicate, the U.S. inflicted a horrible disaster upon the Koreans by using WMDs and is still threatening them with those weapons.

It goes to prove that the U.S. true colors as a dominator and aggressor remain unchanged and it is becoming craftier in its method.

The Korean nation can never be free from the constant danger of nuclear, and germ and chemical wars as long as the U.S. forces stay in south Korea.