Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No news today, my patience flew away

Tonight's photo: 'Ere, what you looking at - go on, bugger off"

I haven't been able to blog as normal today as my primary news aggregator keeps crashing my PC. To say it was annoying is the biggest understatement since Noah looked out the window and said, "Looks like we're in for a spot of rain".

So I thought I would upload a photo and a make quick post just to stop self-appointed net demigods complaining about lack of updating.

Not that I have ever taken any notice of net demigods, as I make my own rules. If you follow the rest of the herd, you're likely to end up on the meat counter at Woolies.

For some unknown reason, I went through a period in my early-mid twenties when I collected "Peanuts" books - over 75 of them in fact. This was somewhat contradictory to my rather hedonistic lifestyle of booze, babes and boogying.

Actually there wasn't too much in the way of babes, which is why I became lumbered with the nickname, "The Nearly Man," which was the title of a British television series at the time. Whenever I had a night out, as soon as I walked into work the next morning, I would be asked, "Did you get your end away last night Mike?" and I would reply, "Nearly".

Back to "Peanuts" which way back then seemed to be my hitchhikers guide to life. I remember a strip where the gang were looking at the clouds. Linus could see all sorts of intellectual pictures and patterns in the clouds, while Charlie Brown was left lamenting that all he saw was a "doggy and a horsy."

Well, I see expressions on animals faces.

During my late afternoon walks, I love to sit and watch some of the wildlife and put my own interpretation on their expressions. Take tonight's photo for example - the cockatoo on the right reminds me of a "minder" or a bouncer protecting his charges from the paparazzi. I can see, "Bugger off" written all over his face. A bit of a bloody cheek when you think of it because they were on the ruddy footpath and I was nowhere near the little blighters!

As for the other two, I have no idea what they are doing and I'm not sure I even want to think about it. But I have a feeling the cockie with his wings spread will tell all his mates -


Wherever you may be - be safe!