Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Goodnight from Sydney

Tonight's photo: The Dept of Lands building where I used to work.

A couple of times in the past, I have used the, "Goodnight From Sydney" post to highlight the overuse of certain words in news headlines. Tonight I present another example.

Mind you, in this world of technology, podcast, blackberries, notebooks (what happened to laptops?) palm pilots etc., it is nice to know that some of the words I learned in school still exist.

I am talking about -"ink" or to be more precise, "inks".

Whenever I hear the word "ink" I think of two things. The first is school pens that you dipped in an inkwell set in your desk. For some reason, the nibs were always broken and clogged with all sorts of gunk.

That brings me to number two. The blotting paper that we dipped in the inkwells to throw or flick at the smart-arsed little girl in the front row.

Of course, if you did that now, the offender would be faced with a barrage of school counsellors, guidance counsellors, anger-management courses, therapists and stressed out mommies and daddies joining support groups to find out where they went wrong.

But I have digressed!

Below are a few recent headlines that use the word "inks".

Peterson inks 7-year, $54M deal with Seattle CNN Sports Illustrated
Najeh re-inks wuith Pack WDJT-TV, Milwaukee
Inventec inks deal with Qualcomm Taipei Times
Citiraya inks new deal with Heshe, Oei Hong Leong The Straits Times
Dallas inks Glenn to five-year extension NFL.com
Graham inks deal with Japanese firm Rochester Business Journal, New York
Sempra inks deal with Honeywell unit San Diego Daily Transcript
GHM: Inks $2.4M in Surface Condenser Contracts [delayed] American Stock Exchange (Press Release)
ExxonMobil Inks Final Abu Dhabi Oil Field Devt Project Deal iWon

See what I mean!

Wherever you may be - be safe!